Lego Batman

The main Character of the sets

Lego batman is very popular in the USA and it's popular to those few people in the UK lucky enough to own a lego batman set. Established in 2006, Lego Batman has been most wanted at christmas time and birthdays. Also the amount of people who have created stop-motions on youtube using Lego Batman is over 7,000.


Lego Sidekick, Robin


There are a fair few lego batman Characters

Lego Batman

Lego Robin

Lego Joker

Lego Poison Ivy

Lego Mr Freeze

Lego Penguin

Lego Harley Quinn

Lego Alfred

Lego Scarecrow

Sets Edit

Lego Batcave

Lego Batcave

Lego Arkham Asylum

Lego Bat-Mobile

Lego Batboat

Lego Robin's Jet Ski

Lego Bat-Blade